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Doctor Tom 2
Doctor Tom

Hi, I’m Tom. Join me on my adventure through time and space.

Project Indigo is my special project. I started this blog in March 2014 when I was 8 but I am 11 now. This blog is about my travels to where Doctor Who episodes were filmed and other locations related to The Doctor. I am a big fan of Doctor Who and I like to follow in The Doctor’s footsteps.

Please join me and be my companion as I travel the country in my TARDIS. This will be fun.

On the 22nd August 2014 my dream came true – I met the Twelfth Doctor and Clara. Read all about it here!

Say cheese!
Me with the Twelfth Doctor and Clara in Parliament Square

If you would like to contact Project Indigo HQ please email tomprojectindigo@gmail.com .

Thanks for looking!


6 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hi! This is Jarvis, that guy who did that one stop motion? Remember? Here’s how to make one like that:
    You will need:
    Computer (If it’s 98 or 95 this probably won’t work)
    USB cord
    Something to Animate with
    Stop motion is the illusion of motion. So when you have your camera ready, take a picture. Pretty easy, right? Take another one, and make sure the object in the photo is slightly moved. For mine, I just moved things randomly and it ironically synchronized with the music! I didn’t do anything! But that doesn’t always work. So back on topic, plug the camera into the USB cord and plug into computer when you’re done. This might take a while (for photos to load into the computer). Then, use any stop motion software to edit photos, or add FX, but after all is done, just publish it!
    Thanks for your time to read this!

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