Winspit Quarry and Beach – March 2014

I don't fancy going inside!
I don’t fancy going inside!

Welcome back! Here is the second location I am reviewing – Winspit Quarry and Beach in Dorset. This location was featured in The Underwater Menace (1967) and Destiny of The Daleks (1979).

My TARDIS materialised in the village of Worth Matravers and I walked 1 1/4 miles down to the beach and quarry. I didn’t take the TARDIS all the way because I wanted some exercise! On the way I passed lots of other people, dogs and cattle.

The beach looks just like a deserted volcanic island and is where the Second Doctor, Ben, Polly and Jamie were captured by the survivors of Atlantis.

In the quarry you can explore where the Fourth Doctor and Romana landed. K9 wasn’t in the episode due to Robot Laryngitis – but really it would have been too hard to operate him in that location. The caves look very gloomy and foreboding – you can imagine you are on a distant planet.

On the way back it was uphill and very tiring. Remind me to take the TARDIS next time.


Eddie’s diner – February 2014

I recreate a scene

Welcome to my first location – Eddie’s Diner at Mermaid Quay in Cardiff. This features in the episode The Impossible Astronaut when the Doctor summons Amy, River and Rory to a diner near Lake Silencio.

I sat at Table 11 in the exact spot that Matt Smith sat and enjoyed a Strawberry Slush and fries. If you are on your way to the toilet you will see the TARDIS is still there.

I visited lots of locations in Cardiff in Feb 14 and if you stay tuned you will see a lot more, plus lots of my other travels as well.

Until next time – cheerio!