Shapwick – March 2014 & Tarrant Monkton – April 2014

Shapwick village centre

Hello again! I’m showing you two locations this time, Shapwick and Tarrant Monkton. These are both villages in Dorset that were used as locations in The Awakening (1984).

The Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Turlough go to visit Tegan’s grandfather in Little Hodcombe just when a reenactment of an English Civil War battle becomes real. This was the first ever episode that The Doctor takes a companion in his TARDIS to visit a family member.

I visited Shapwick on a sunny day and explored the village and churchyard. All was very quiet, luckily there was no sign of the Battle of Little Hodcombe. The church must have been rebuilt since it exploded when the Doctor defeated the Malus!

On now to Tarrant Monkton. I took the TARDIS there just today which has been a very wet and gloomy day. I stood on the bridge over The Ford and saw where Tegan was chased by soldiers. Luckily I could travel by TARDIS as The Ford was filling with water rapidly!

There are other locations for this episode in Dorset and Hampshire that I hope to explore very soon. I hope you come with me.

Ciao for now.


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