Competition – Win a copy of The Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia – Updated Edition! Now closed.

Back in Boscombe with my trusty encyclopedia.
Back in Boscombe with my trusty encyclopedia.

Hello and welcome to my second competition to mark the end of Series 8. This week I bought a copy of The Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia – Updated Edition and I bought another copy to offer as a prize too! Hopefully this book will keep me occupied until the Christmas Special.

This book was written by Jason Loborik, Annabel Gibson, Moray Laing and Emma Grange and has Peter Capaldi on the cover. It contains facts and photos about over 200 of the Doctor’s friends and foes and all the Doctors – including the War Doctor and the Twelfth Doctor. The  book lists them all in alphabetical order from the Abzorbaloff to the Zygons!

You could win a copy of this amazing  book simply by answering this question:-

Which episode of the latest Doctor Who Series (8) do you like best?

Please leave a comment on this post with your answer and one winner will be picked at random. Only one entry per person please. I will e-mail the winner to confirm the delivery address.

Closing date is 11.59 pm on November 30th 2014

Sorry but I can only post it to people within the UK so if you live outside the UK please leave a comment if you want to share, but I won’t be able to send you a prize. 😦

Good luck!

This is what you could win!
This is what you could win!


107 thoughts on “Competition – Win a copy of The Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia – Updated Edition! Now closed.”

      1. Sorry Michael – the publishers have replied and said there are no plans to release the book in the USA at the moment and it is out of stock where I bought my copies. I shall keep an eye out for you though 🙂


      2. (I couldn’t reply to your other comment for some reason, so I thought I’d reply here)

        Ah no problem mate, thanks for finding out though! Looks like I’ll be trying to get it shipped here from the UK.

        I have a question for you though – how far into Series 8 does the book show? I know the book has Capaldi, but does it have Missy, Robin Hood, etc.? Or is it only up until “The Time of the Doctor”?

        Thanks again for your help. 😀


  1. I also forgot to leave my comment about my favorite episode of Series 8. I can’t enter the competition, since I live in the US, but my favorite episode was Death in Heaven. Absolutely fantastic finale, and one of my favorite episodes in the history of the entire 50 year run of the show.


    1. Hi Michael, the book doesn’t have any new Series characters like Missy or Danny. Still a good read though!

      Looking forward to the Christmas special. Do you get to see it at Christmas in the USA?


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