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Southerndown Beach, The Vale of Glamorgan – August 2014

Can you see the Atlantic behind me?Hei og velkommen tilbake!

Sorry it has been a long time since my last post but it has been Christmas and I have been pooped out! Now I am back blogging and back in the flow of blog. I hope you have had a good Christmas and enjoyed watching the Doctor Who episode Last Christmas (2014)!. I can’t believe we have to wait months now for the new Doctor Who series which will open with The Magician’s Apprentice. Anyway, back to the post…


You may notice I greeted you in Norwegian – this is because we are travelling back in time to August 2014 when I visited Darlig Ulv Stranden in Norway – also known as Bad Wolf Bay! Not really, it is actually Southerndown Beach on the Welsh Coast which has been the filming location of several Doctor Who episodes, most famously Doomsday (2006) where the Tenth Doctor burnt up a sun just to say goodbye to Rose.

Welcome to Southerndown Beach

I visited Southerndown Beach on a beautiful summer’s evening just before sunset. The beach is officially known as Dunraven Bay and it is near the town of Bridgend. I arrived as people were leaving and the beach was almost deserted so I could run about freely and explore the picturesque scape. The weather was mild and the sun was glimmering off the sea. I could recognise straight away that this was used for Bad Wolf Bay as it looked just like it did on the screen . I could see where Rose and her family travelled to meet the Tenth Doctor’s hologram in Norway . It was also where he said goodbye to Rose for the final time in Journey’s End (2008) – leaving her with his clone who had one life, one heart so that they could grow old together! It was awesome to be there because these scenes are so iconic.

Bad Wolf Bay

I explored all around.The tide was out which meant that I could climb all over the rocks. It was like walking on the surface of an alien planet. In one rock pool I found a mysterious object that looked like it was part of an engine – could it have been the engine of the Byzantium that crashed in The Time of Angels (2010)? This beach was used as the location for the planet Alfava Matraxis in this episode. Luckily there was so sign of any Weeping Angels left behind because I blinked a billion times whilst I was there!

Was this left behind by The Byzantium?

The coast is Jurassic and guess what that leads us to? I’ll give you a clue – it lived in the Jurassic period. That’s right, dinosaurs! You will also recognise this filming location from the episode Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (2012). I didn’t see any pterodactyls but the beach is a site of Special Scientific Interest and there are many fossils such as ammonites  and Devil’s Toenails to be seen. People should not disturb them though and should leave them where they are for others to enjoy.

You can see millions of years of history here

This looks like an alien planet

I  took the time to write Project Indigo and Doctor Who in the sand and watched the Atlantic crash on to the beach. My shoes got filled with sand! I had a fantastic time at Bad Wolf Bay – this is a great place for any Doctor Who fan to visit. For more info on what has been filmed here please check out  Doctor Who – The Locations Guide.

Promoting Project Indigo!

This is the last post I am writing in 2014 but there will be more to come in 2015 – I have had so many adventures this year that I haven’t told you about yet so we will still travel back in time to 2014! Thank you to all my readers for a wonderful year – this blog has meant so much to me and I can’t wait to see what next year brings.

Ha en Godt Nyttår ! Farvel !

This is a panoramic shot of Southerndown Beach. But who's shadow is that?