Competition – Win the Doctor Who Annual 2015! Now closed.

You could win this!
You could win this!

Hello, and welcome to my first competition!

Today I bought the Official BBC Doctor Who Annual 2015 – and I bought one for a competition prize as well!

No spoilers but I have really enjoyed reading the book so far, it is full of quizzes, cartoons, stories, games and facts and is the first Doctor Who annual to feature Peter Capaldi on the cover!

This is so good!
This is so good!

You could win this fantastic  book simply by answering this question:-

If you could go on an adventure through time and space, where would you like to go?

Please leave a comment below with your answer and one winner will be picked at random. Only one entry per person please. I will e-mail the winner to confirm the delivery address.

Closing date is 11.59 pm on September 30th 2014

Sorry but I can only post it to people within the UK so if you live outside the UK please leave a comment if you want to share, but I won’t be able to send you a prize. 😦

Good luck!


21 thoughts on “Competition – Win the Doctor Who Annual 2015! Now closed.”

  1. Back to the early 60’s to watch The Beatles at The Cavern Club? Why? Well, why wouldn’t anyone? Knowing what we know now about The Beatles that would be one amazing experience.


  2. I would go far into the future and see what has improved in technology. I would do research on materials and resources used to create such futuristic technology and then I would return to the original time and express my future ideas to anybody who could create and make this future come earlier.


  3. I would enjoy going back in time and stop the death of Christ. I would give me sanctuary. I would disguise him as an alien with unlimited powers and clocked in invisibility.


  4. I loved being a child in the 80’s but would have loved being older to appreciate it a bit more, the food, clothes, music and tv programmes


  5. I would travel back to the 1850s, to find out why my Great Great Granny grew up in a workhouse and to find out who her parents were.


  6. I would travel through Space and time, and find a planet where everything was made out of chocolate sweets and BBQ,
    Only inhabited by a hand full of attractive lady’s.
    Then, after a while I would probably have to then search the galaxy for some really good ear plugs!


  7. I’d love to go back to the beginning of planet Earth and see how it all began. Or back to the 1980’s so I could watch all of Peter Davison’s episodes again (he was my Doctor). My son is now a huge Doctor Who fan, he’s the same age as you 🙂


  8. I would love to travel back in time – still on earth but right at the very beginning to witness the Big Bang and the start of all life.


  9. I would like to go back in time a few hundred years and explain to someone with authority what happens with humans destroying the planet so we can do something to stop it before it happens.


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