Winner announced – Doctor Who Annual 2015 Competition

This is what the winner will be getting.Hello everyone – now I shall tell you who the lucky winner is of an Official BBC Doctor Who Annual 2015.

I asked the question:

If you could go on an adventure through time and space, where would you like to go?

Time to pick a winner....

Last night I picked the winner at random by numbering the entries and picking a number out of my hat!

Congratulations to the winner, Amanda! Here is her answer.

I loved being a child in the 80’s but would have loved being older to appreciate it a bit more, the food, clothes, music and tv programmes.

I’m not sure I agree – I’m not too keen on 80’s fashion!

I would like to go to the year 2525 to see if there really will be knowledge machines for people to sleep in to find out facts, and if people still walk to places or if the pavements do it for them.Oh, and celebrate my 520th birthday!

I enjoyed this competition A LOT and loved reading everyone’s ideas and opinions. More people seemed to want to go the past rather than future. The past has many amazing things but we do not know what the future has in stock for us so that is why I would prefer to travel to the future.

Thank you to everyone who entered, it was really good fun and I hope I have more competitions in the future.

I hope you enjoy your prize Amanda!

See you very soon for my next Doctor Who location report,




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