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Cardiff Castle Library – February 2014

Silence in the Library!Shwmae, Ti’n  iawn?

We are back in Wales in February again, for another Cardiff Doctor Who location. We are in  the library of Cardiff Castle which was used as a filming location for Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS (2013). It was used as the TARDIS library which was found by Clara when she was running away from some Time Zombies. When she was there she found a book called The History of the Time War and saw the Doctor’s real name in it. Later she said to the Doc:

‘The library. You were mentioned in a book. You call yourself Doctor. Why do you do that? You have a name. I’ve seen it. In one tiny corner of that tiny book’.

It is a very scary episode but luckily when I was in the library there was no sign of a Time Zombie. It was a very quiet and safe place full of beautiful old books. Unfortunately I couldn’t see the Encyclopedia Gallifreya!

The library is very grand and the bookcases are decorated with animals of all sorts. There was daylight coming through the window, unlike when Clara was there, and the ceiling was not infinite – good ol’ computer graphics! The Doctor's bookcase

You can get married at the Castle and have your reception in the library – how cool would it be to have your wedding in a room of the TARDIS????? Picturesque carvings

I will tell you about other locations within Cardiff Castle soon in another post.

In other news – this Friday I found a copy of the 285th issue of Doctor Who Adventures magazine- complete with Amazing Doctor Dress Up Set.  Dress Up Sets are cool!  The set contained a TARDIS key, sonic screwdriver, bow tie and psychic paper. I was inspired and used them to dress up as a different Doctor ( I think you already know which one it is!) . I copied the outfit the Doctor wore for Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS but I wish I had put a Big Friendly Button mark on my hand – maybe next time. I hope you like the pictures!

Until next time, Da boch chi!

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre – Easter 2014

Shakespeare's Globe

Good dawning to thee, friend!

Time for another location – Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in Southwark, London beside the Thames. I visited there during Easter 2014. This location features in the episode The Shakespeare Code (2007). The Tenth Doctor and Martha travelled to London in 1599, when the Doctor was proving to Martha that the TARDIS could travel in time.They visited The Globe when it had just opened and met Shakespeare when he was writing Love’s Labours Won. Unfortunately his words were used by the Carrionites to summon the rest of their kind to invade earth.

This isn’t the original theatre as it burnt to the ground in 1613 during a performance of Henry VIII. It was rebuilt but then closed by The Puritans in 1642 along with lots of other theatres. The current theatre is 5 minutes away from the first and was opened in 1997. The man who made it happen was Sam Wanamaker whose daughter is Zoe Wanamaker, who played Lady Cassandra in the Doctor Who episodes The End of the World (2005) and New Earth (2006)!

I visited The Globe whilst the actors were rehearsing Titus Andronicus, not Love’s Labours Won like in the episode. Not many people get to see rehearsals during their tour so I was pretty lucky. Unfortunately I couldn’t take photos inside because the rehearsal should stay secret! I watched the actors practice, one of them being Indira Varma who was in Torchwood.

While I was watching the actors, a pigeon flew into the theatre because there wasn’t a roof! Luckily it wasn’t summoned like the Carrionites and didn’t cause any trouble. After the tour I visited the exhibition and learnt about Shakespeare and The Globe and saw an example of stage fighting.

I also visited some other locations during my trip to London which I will tell you about in the future.

Farewell and God Bye Ye!


Stonehenge – August 2013

Welcome to Stonehenge!Welcome – so good to see you again. Our next location is so old that archaeologists don’t know when it was built! Stonehenge in Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, the location of the episode The Pandorica Opens (2010).The Eleventh Doctor, Amy, River and Rory feature in this episode.

We travel back in time to August 2013 when I, along with lots of tourists, visited Stonehenge – the site of The Pandorica. You can’t get too close to the stones as there is a fence round them. You can walk all around the circle and get a good view from all angles. There is an audio guide that tells you lots of facts about Stonehenge and its history.

Some people think the stones are a solar calendar,maybe a xylophone, or that Merlin the Magician created the circle. Others think that The Devil put the stones there! We know that The Alliance used it as the hiding place of The Pandorica, a prison built for the most feared thing in the universe – The Doctor! The rocks were used as a transmitter to let everyone know when The Doctor arrived. Luckily there was no sign of The Alliance the day I visited.

Stonehenge is a World Heritage Site so only very special things are allowed to be filmed there. Like the rest of us, the film crew weren’t allowed to touch the stones so some of the scenes were filmed with a lightweight replica set up in Margam Country Park called “Foamhenge”!

Au revoir.

Eddie’s diner – February 2014

I recreate a scene

Welcome to my first location – Eddie’s Diner at Mermaid Quay in Cardiff. This features in the episode The Impossible Astronaut when the Doctor summons Amy, River and Rory to a diner near Lake Silencio.

I sat at Table 11 in the exact spot that Matt Smith sat and enjoyed a Strawberry Slush and fries. If you are on your way to the toilet you will see the TARDIS is still there.

I visited lots of locations in Cardiff in Feb 14 and if you stay tuned you will see a lot more, plus lots of my other travels as well.

Until next time – cheerio!