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Southampton Comic Con 2, Totton, Hampshire – March 2015

Showing off the Peter Capaldi pictureHello!
Welcome to Southampton Comic Con!Welcome to my review of Southampton Comic Con 2 which I went to yesterday and I had a great time! This convention was organised by Nerdageddon, who organised DEF Con 3, and the event raised money for CLIC Sargent for children with cancer. It was held at the Empire Hall in Totton near Southampton.

Hello Matthew Dale aka Little John

When I arrived I went straightaway to meet Matthew Dale who played Little John in Robot of Sherwood  (2014).  It was very easy to recognise him because he looked just like he did in the episode! I told him that Project Indigo readers had chosen Robot of Sherwood as the best episode of Series 8 and he was really chuffed to hear that! I told him my favourite part of the episode was

This is my spoon!

He told me that Peter Capaldi and Tom Riley didn’t enjoy falling in the river for that bit as the water was very cold and everyone laughed at them. Matthew told me that Sherwood Forest was actually filmed in Fforest Fawr in Wales so I will go there one day and tell you all about it.

Here's what I got from Matthew DaleI asked Matthew one of my golden questions – if he could go anywhere in time and space, where would he like to go? He found it very tricky to decide but said that he would like to have seen the Titanic sail off from Southampton – but obviously not collide with an iceberg. Matthew was a very nice chap and I was chuffed to meet him.

After I met Matthew I explored the convention and watched the amazing Cosplayers.

I met the cutest Cybermen ever, River Song, Emmet from the Lego movie, a Silent (but I don’t remember that) and many more. Brigadier and Woolly K9!When I had lunch I bumped into Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart with Woolly K9. K9 has met many Doctor Who actors so check out his Facebook page to find out who!

After lunch I enjoyed a Duff beer on the sofa with The Simpsons and my companion. Cheers!

Der der der, der der der der, der dnana da. Dnanana dnader der!

Then I returned to the Empire Hall and a Stormtrooper stole my hat! I had to play tug-of-war with him but I used the force and won it back. Take that Stormtrooper!

Stormtrooper stole my hat!!!

After my Tug of War I explored the stalls and met Kris Carter, a comic book creator who colours titles such as Transformers and Doctor Who and also writes ‘Lou Scannon‘ which has been nominated for an Eagle Award. I bought a picture he had drawn of all the Doctors and the TARDIS captioned ‘Who Knows’. It is a really fun picture!

Next to Kris was Kev F Sutherland aka Kev F! I was very excited to meet Kev as he draws for my favourite comics The Beano and Doctor Who Adventures. I posed for a ‘Lightning Fast One Minute Caricature’ and it was great, I can’t believe I have been drawn by a Comic Book artist.

When Kev found out I was a Doctor Who fan he did a drawing especially for me of the Twelfth Doctor coming out his TARDIS shouting ‘Tom, Tom Who?’ I love it! I am going to put my pictures in a frame on my bedroom wall. Kev teaches Comic Book Masterclasses, I would love him to teach me to draw like that one day.

Look at my fab Peter Capaldi picture from Kev F!

At the grave of Alice LiddellAfter all that I left for home and stopped off at Lyndhurst in the New Forest and visited the grave of Alice Liddell who was Lewis Carroll’s inspiration for Alice in Wonderland.

While I was there I looked in some shops and look what I found in a window – a tiny TARDIS! Maybe the Boneless survived the trip after all and shrunk the TARDIS again…..

Look what I found in Lyndhurst!

Southampton Comic Con 2 was great and I had a smashing Sfi Fi Saturday – thank you to Nerdageddon for organising it and I can’t wait for the next one – DEF Con 4.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my review – don’t forget to enter my competition to win a Limited Edition Fourth Doctor Audio Adventure whilst there is still time!

See you soon for a Classic Doctor Location report – goodbye!


Winner announced – Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia – Updated Edition Competition.

Hello everyone – now I shall tell you who the lucky winner is of a Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia – Updated Edition!

I asked the question:

Which episode of the latest Doctor Who Series (8) do you like best?

I picked the winner at random by numbering the entries and using a Random Number Generator.

Congratulations to the winner, James Eyles!

He voted for

Mummy on the Orient Express.

Thanks to all 100 people who entered and voted for their favourite episode of Doctor Who Series 8.

The clear winner was Robot of Sherwood closely followed by Mummy on the Orient Express.

I was very surprised that no-one voted for my favourite episode – Deep Breath. That is my choice as the story is unique, I have never seen another one like it. It was also fantastic to see the Twelfth Doctor in action for the first time!

Please see here for the results of the votes:

Series 8 favourites

What do you think? Do you agree with the results?

Thank you again to everyone who entered.

I hope you enjoy your prize James!

There will a new post coming up soon – this weekend I am off to another Doctor Who event and will be back to tell you all about it.


Caerphilly Castle / Castell Caerffili – August 2014

Welcome to Caerphilly CastleHawdammor and welcome to my latest Doctor Who location – Caerphilly Castle!

Caerphilly Castle is the largest castle in Wales and second largest in Britain after Windsor Castle ( home to the Queen, along with many other places!). In 1268 Gilbert ‘The Red ‘ De Clare began to build Caerphilly Castle. He was a redheaded English Earl descended from the Normans and was born down the road from me in Christchurch! He built the castle to stop the land from falling into the hands of Welsh rival Llywelyn ap Gruffudd.

Either that or it is a disguised 29th Century Spaceship!

I visited Caerphilly Castle on a very sunny day and explored the castle because it a filming location for Robot of Sherwood (2014), The Vampires of Venice (2010), Nightmare in Silver (2013) and many more episodes. It is managed by CADW, who conserve Wales’s heritage. As I was walking to the castle it looked full of excitement and I had to enter over a bridge because there was a moat all around it – the same moat that Guido took the Doctor and Rory across to visit the House of Calvieri in Venice!

After I went in, the first area I saw was the large courtyard, setting for the Golden Arrow Archery Tournament in Robot of Sherwood. When I was there there was no sign of the Sheriff of Nottingham or the Robots. Maybe my TARDIS wasn’t set to 1190ish? I made a wish in the well and my coin went PLOP which means that it was going down deep. In the episode the crowd were stood up high watching the archery – this was actually the ‘hourd’ where the soldiers used to fire their arrows and other missiles at their enemies! Where are the targets?

Next I ventured into the castle and walked up a lot of stairs. I explored the rooms on the way up and imagined that I was back in Norman times.  It was a nice day but at the top of the towers the windows were tapping and the wind was howling.

The Doctor and Rory were searching all around these corridors and stairs in Vampires of Venice. They even went down a corridor which has a ghost in it! The Braose Gallery is a hidden corridor and is haunted by the Green Lady. I wasn’t very happy to go down it but it wasn’t really that scary.

Woooh- is there a ghost behind me???

Next I went in the Great Hall and pretended to be a Norman King! This is the room where the Eleventh Doctor played his chess match at Natty Longshoe’s Comical Castle in Nightmare in Silver. It is very easy to recognise even without the Doctor playing chess against the Cyberplanner!Let's have some lunch.

Before I went I visited the Leaning Tower – it leans even more than the Tower of Pisa! Maybe it leans because it was attacked in the Civil War – no-one is sure. I helped out the wooden man who makes sure it doesn’t topple over. He must be very tired!

Time to say goodbyeFinally it was time to leave but I had a double thumbs up great day. Looks like I wasn’t the only one to arrive in my TARDIS today! I think 4, 5 and 6 popped along for a visit too.

Everyone's TARDISs

Thanks for reading. What did you think of Robot of Sherwood? Are you liking the new Doctor so far? Please leave a comment and let me know.

Wela i chi!